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How I Made Peace With My Appetite

Note from GGS: It’s important to distinguish the difference between detrimental behaviors and clinically diagnosed eating disorders. This article is not addressing diagnosed disorders, but specifically focuses on behaviors instead. If you have any doubts, please refer to the resources shared at the end of this article. At one point or another, I believe nearly […]

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The Canvas Opportunity

Canvas is a new tool that allows you to create professional Facebook Business Fan Page video headers. It opens an opportunity for you to create headers for other businesses & charge them for it… The Canvas Opportunity  Presented by: Bill Burniece, President & CEO of La Jolla Holdings, Inc. & founder of Product creator: […]

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Me Too

As women, it’s sadly unsurprising to learn that another woman we know has experienced sexual harassment, assault or violence — after all, most of us have. Sharing our stories can be as comforting as it is horrifying: while it helps to know that we are not alone, thinking about how widespread these experiences are can […]

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